Rising Tide for San Joaquin Valley Manufacturers

Manufacturing Advocates Podcast
By Joe Hackman

March 8, 2016

As some of you already know, I moved from the Bay Area to El Dorado Hills in 2014. As a relative newbie to the greater Sacramento area I connected with the Sacramento Valley SME to get involved with other folks interested in precision manufacturing. That connection ultimately led to the creation of this podcast with a little inspiration from Bill Gaines. Then recently when Jeff Briggs (the current fearless leader of the Sacramento Valley SME) told me about a manufacturing summit in Fresno, I could tell he thought it was a big deal. While Jeff is at times easily excited when it comes to manufacturing, I took heed anyway because he has never steered me wrong. Jeff eventually got tired of waiting for me to take the hint and introduced me to Mike Dozier from CSU Fresno, suggesting we get together and talk about the summit on MFA.

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